Hi, I am Gnomasz and this is my blog about role-playing games. I will write wrote here a bit about my ideas concerning RPG’s, especially fantasy games, and session reports.

I’m a role-player since 2007. I started with a few sessions of high-powered D&D, but I switched fast to GURPS, which I played the most since then. Till now I’ve also played a bit of L5R and Neuroshima. I used to be a D&D-hater, but now I enjoy playing it, though d20 is not my favorite system.
I’m more of a player than Game Master, but I do run some GURPS fantasy games.

I’m writing this blog in two languages to reach bigger audience and practice my writing skills (I really appreciate comments about my English). The second version is in Polish.
Now I’m maintaining only my Polish blog.

So, welcome!



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