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The War of Kerlath, 1st session

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I’ve started a new campaign some time ago. It takes place in a fantasy world drawn from The Battle for Wesnoth. I run it on GURPS, and the characters are experienced, but not powerful. They are:
Verlay, human smith, a bit anarchist [100 points]
Anwgard Tafar, human swordsman [101 points]
Othon “Booze” Warfuner, dwarfen veteran, stone-mason currently [97 points, he traded some for cash]
Arod, human town’s watchman [100 points]
At least they won’t lack melee power.

We’ve started with bad news for Verlay: the supply from nearby mine didn’t arrived. The watch sent Arod to check if there are any troubles there, but the smith considered one man to be not enough, so he went with him. Anwgard’s father had the same feelings, so he sent his son. Othon, unwary of the situation, was going to fix some roof.

They hired some teamster and in twelve hours, despite the snow, they almost get to the mine. But they found some dying man by the road. They only heard his last will before he died. They taken the body on the wagon, and then they heard some laughs and saw incoming lights behind the hill. Almost all of the team stayed in the shadows of night, only Arod and Othon protruded on the front. Six bandits approached. One of them drawn back immediately. The rest of them claimed they rule this land from now on. When suggested to surrender, they attacked. They surrounded Booze, but he defended himself effectively. When Verlay knocked down two enemies with powerful hammer blows, and Tafar sliced down another one, attackers surrendered.

Short interrogation revealed that the mine is in control of prisoners that worked there. The team decided to fall back to town. An hour later horses stopped, unwilling to further exertion. Despite nearby mine, the night was calm. Next evening they were back in town. Arod found family of the dead man. He was let out of prison recently.

A week later a mysterious man come to Verlay’s forge. He claimed that, thanks to magic, he could provide iron despite blocked mine. But the smith recognized ore that he was using for years. The mage was arrested.

Another week later, troops from the county town came to regain the mine. The rumor spread that groups of undead men and elves (which aren’t leaving their forrest) attacked some villages. Othon met some man offering money for opportunity to talk about dwarfen culture in another settlement. The offer was tempting, but Arod was suspicious. He guessed that, because of his race, Booze was wanted by necromancer that attacked villages. We ended the first session when a man that lured Othon has been arrested. But he was an apprentice, not a strong necromancer.

1. Next time I’ll require making a team. It’s a bit too hard for me to make a team consisting of people with different status.
2. I’m too used to campaigns in which PC’s were significantly stronger than their “environment.” I’ve almost sent a group that would rescue captive bandits. By shooting down the guard and killing silently the rest of the team (in games of the type I’m used to, another group of bandits would be spotted and disabled).
3. I should prepare for fights that I’m pretty sure won’t happen. Random reaction roll for bandits was planned, but I expected insults as the worst possible effect, if only PC’s won’t attack. But the bandits have seen only two enemies and the roll was really low, so they end up attacking. I think I should make some mini-bestiary with common enemies.
4. I’ve made a huge mistake trying to lure Othon out of town. I’ve came with this idea during play and hadn’t thought in time that, if Arod won’t understand all the clues (only he had enough info to be suspicious), I’ll play with myself, trying to save the dwarf from my NPC’s. Fortunately, with a little help from Booze-player, the watchman saved the day.

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