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The War of Kerlath – the end

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My laziness is beyond comprehension. I haven’t described session 4th nor 5th, so tonight, as 6th and last session ended, I’d describe all of them very briefly.

Execution of a couple of bandits in Tafars didn’t went well. The executioner was fake and he made knots in a manner, that caused them to untie when hanging was about to happen. The PCs stopped some of the bandits so they didn’t escape from town. Arod nearly died doing that. I asked Verlay’s player to change his character, so I could really make some adventures for all the PCs and he agreed. After fast healing of the watchman, the team went outside the town where they tracked and stopped the remaining convicts.

A few days later they escorted the bandits for execution in a large city. Some NPCs died, because of one of prisoners and because of some robbers shooting in the night. On the way back to Tafars, PCs accompanied a group of wizards.

After a couple of months each character was proposed to join the people trying to take over the province, but they refused. Because of that, they were lured into an ambush full of zombies, and they didn’t lived through this, and so the short campaign ended.

Notes from all the sessions:

1. I’m not able to make a serious, not combat-oriented campaign yet.
2. I have to work on my rules for income. The ones I used in this campaign were nonsensical (it happens with house rules).
3. I have to work on showing Close Combat on map. Five figures on one hex (RAW, there’s unlimited number of characters per cell) is definitely too much.
4. Some fights are worthy of making pictures of them. That crowd today was hard to arrange, but it had some charm.

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