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The War of Kerlath, 3rd session

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On yesterday’s meeting there were:
Arod, human town’s watchman [106 points]
Othon “Booze” Warfuner, dwarfen veteran, stone-mason these days [99 points]
The other players couldn’t arrive. Point totals are estimate.

A week has passed since undeads’ attack on Tafars, the city where PCs live. “Attack” is in italics, because there were no many lives lost. The attackers were aggressive only to those that were fighting, the rest was only asked to surrender. Booze bore no responsibility for killing the girl, cause three town’s watchmen confirmed that she was dangerous witch.

Arod rallied enough to go back to work. Othon considered his Tropphy Bear as poor decoration for an axe and tried to put it near the fireplace, but he has heard witch’s voice in his mind for a moment. Worried, he decided to ask watchmen wizards for help. On his way he met Arod, as he was patrolling. The watchmen thought that he could help his friend meet appropriate person.

Before they reached citadel, they went to the market, as they saw some assembly. It’s cause being a man in white robes, convincing people that the military has too few wizards.* Othon started to discuss with him, which caused people to split into two groups. One was aggressive against the dwarf and Arod, claiming that they have helped to attack town, as they ordered to show the little witch the watch. The other group was aggressive towards the White. PC’s were arrested, for their safety more than because of suspicion.

Arod and Booze explained their meeting with little witch again. The dwarf told about his issue with teddy bear. Wizards sealed the toy and inspected it, but first they explained Othon, that marking favorite mascot of a little witch with her blood was a bad idea, as could have magical consequences no one could predict. PCs had to wait for Verlay to testify the meeting with little witch, too. The dwarf convinced three people that he saved the town, making them very thankful, and Arod learned some new information of how the attack from last week went.

Next day morning, Warfuner was asked by watchmen wizards to destroy the mascot’s eyes, which were magical stones. They claimed that, because of his “ritual” of marking with blood, it could be safer if he destroyed the stones.

As Othon went back home, he found his door opened with force and his house ransacked. He bought info from a beggar that some thug and a white-wearing men were responsible for this. He told Arod about that went to temple. There he was told that man that was speaking yesterday on the market was no White Mage nor priest. Then he made official notice about burglary, but this wasn’t helpful.

The next evening Arod and Othon were relaxing with alcohol after some sword-wielding practice, when a group of people, led by fake White Mage, arrived at the dwarf’s house, demanding of PC’s to leave the town. Othon, always nervous, now tipsy, drew his weapon quickly. He stabbed three attackers, two others knocked out each other (complete lack of combat skills). The watchman took down another two with his bare hands. The dwarf wanted to surprise remaining ones from behind by sneaking through the window, but there he met some thug pulling the shutter apart with his axe. Booze ended this familiarity with two quick slashes. Then he took down the wizard and cut off both hands of another citizen. The last one fled from the battle.

* White Mages, the quickest thought that comes to mind seeing a wizard in white robes, is an order of wizards of light and healing, friars of which usually wander the kingdom, helping people.

1. Playing without books is a lot of fun. It speeds up the game, and this makes up for some rules inconsistencies. But I have to copy the table of critical misses, especially if there are more fights with nine people having no idea about weapon wielding coming.
2. I have to pay more attention to involving all the PCs into the plot. Arod’s player is not the type that needs to be persuaded to team play, fortunately. But I still think that I encouraged his character to take part in events not enough.

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