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The War of Kerlath, 2nd session

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On the second session we had:
Verlay, human smith, a bit anarchist [100 points]
Othon “Booze” Warfuner, dwarfen veteran, stone-mason currently [97 points]
Arod, human town’s watchman [102 points]
Anwgard’s player was absent.

Othon and Arod were in Verlay’s forge, sharpening their swords, when they heard some screams from the outside. Arod stopped some man and heard from him that the town is being attacked by some monsters. The PC’s went to town’s gate to see what is happening. They saw some dead watchmen and 4 men entering all the houses. The intruders seemed not to see the PC’s, which decided to go get closer, but with backstreets. They met a little red-haired girl, searching for her toy, like nothing special was happening. They decided to take her somewhere safe, ignoring bad feelings about her. When they met another group of people, they left the girl with them and went back to meet the strange intruders.

The PC’s heard women’s scream from a nearby house. They went in to meet four zombies. The undead weren’t attacking, they were demanding surrender with their creepy voice. But a lady was in danger! The PC’s have slain zombies with little effort, as the beast didn’t even have weapons. A group of aggressive people was approaching, but Booze scared them off with critical success on Intimidation, despite lacking the skill. Players set off to town’s center, finding a teddy bear and grouping with some random folks on their way.

There was some fire ahead and the PC’s saw that the post’s door are open. Othon went ahead to scout. He perceived the redhead girl watching the fire with smile, and two zombies and two skeletons were accompanying her. The dwarf called Verlay and Arod with gesture. They were trying to close in unnoticed, but the girl heard them. Booze tried his intimidation skills again, but it didn’t work this time, despite using an advantage of having girl’s mascot. The child commanded the undead to catch PC’s and started casting Fireball. Arod tried to interrupt her with his charge, but he critically failed and ha fallen down at her feet. But she had a bad roll, too, and hit some building with her Fireball, instead of scorching the watchman. But the undead grappled him and the girl Ignited his clothes. Meanwhile Othon and Verlay destroyed one undead each. The dwarf tried to save Arod then, while the smith closed the gap between him and retreating girl. She Ignited his clothes, too, but it exhausted her almost completely. Othon went almost berserk, destroyed two remaining undead, and slain the girl. He decapitated her for sure with his two-handed axe, to which he tied the teddy bear, marked with girls blood, as a trophy. Othon ended fight unscratched, but humans were really badly burned, Verlay has lost consciousness.

In the post PC’s found two burned, but alive, watchmen, and a group of terrified folks. They have taken care of their wounds. Othon went out to meet seven troops from city-state. He led them to a place where he spotted some attackers. He left the last battle uninjured, but not damaging anyone also.

I’m still a very bad GM. There are practically no NPC’s in my games, even in town! When PC’s meet someone, he’s silent. The townsmen are acting artificially, with intelligence of goombas from Super Mario Bros. And I have ideas for plot, but I’m too lazy to prepare them, making them half-minute encounters. And I’m not good enough at improvising to balance this. I have to improve in almost everything.

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